What Can’t Open Office 2010 PST File And How To Fix It?

What Can’t Open Office 2010 PST File And How To Fix It?

February 5, 2022 Off By Owen Foletta

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    If you are unable to open the Office 2010 PST file on your PC, this user guide can help you resolve the issue.

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  • The Inbox Repair Tool will not connect to or scan data stored in an Exchange mailbox. Tool checksonly the presence of errors (damages), and if there may be, it gives you the option to allow the tool to fix those errors. If you are unable to run most of the tools to repair your inbox, try repairing the program using Outlook.

  • Can not open Outlook PST file?

    Step 1 Launch the Outlook PST File Services tool and look for corrupted PST entries on your local drive. Step 2 Click the Locate Outlook File button, select the drive where the corrupted Outlook PST file is located, and then click the Locate button. Less than a step Select multiple PST files to view and start the recovery process.

    We recommend that you back up your current Outlook data file before running the Inbox Repair Tool. For more information, see How to reactivate an Outlook data file.

  • One of the most common issues faced by Outlook users is the particular occurrence of an error message that minimizes Outlook to display contacts, email messages, task list items, etc. The error, I would say, is the message that appears when the user signs in to Outlook pays for:

    cannot open pst file office 2010

    “The folder cannot be displayed. It is unlikely that Microsoft Outlook will access the specified Store folder. Errors found in C:WINDOWSLocal start SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlookOutlook.pst. Close all email programs.”e-mail, and then use the Inbox of the recovery tool.”

    Sometimes Outlook users get so many errors when starting Outlook but don’t know why this error information occurs. Outlook users think they can’t open the PST file.

    Reasons Why A PST File Won’t Open

    Why is PST file not opening?

    Error Cause Outlook PST cannot be opened. Incorrect shutdown of Outlook causing Outlook.exe to run in the background. PST uses background backup. Conflicting softwareFaulty Outlook software or add-ins. The PST file is damaged or damaged due to being too large, hard drive failure, system or Outlook failure (most common reason)

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  • Well, the error message is pretty much nothing to worry about. In this article, you will learn what this error message is, why it occurs, why you cannot open the PST file, and recommendations for fixing this error project. Microsoft Outlook throws this error after something, when an error occurs, check the PST file where emails, contacts, messages, etc. are stored. The purpose of the errors that you cannot delete the PST file occurs due to the following reasons :

  • PST is corrupted, mixed up, or damaged.
  • Outlook is crashing due to a mechanical or power failure.
  • Windows hard drive or failure
  • The PST size limit of 2 GB has been exceeded in Outlook 2003 and earlier.
  • The reasons whysimilar to unexpected system shutdown, virus activity, Outlook error, etc.
  • How do I open PST files in Outlook 2010?

    Choose File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File. Note. Depending on how Outlook is configured, this is likely the directory where the .Select the Outlook Data File (.pst), then select Open Immediately.After you open an Outlook data file (.pst), it will appear in the file pane.

    Due to PST file corruption, MS Outlook may not be able to find the PST image or understand the file format, resulting in the inability to view email messages, contacts, comments, tasks, etc. in your Outlook boundary. In this error message, Outlook suggests closing all mail applications and additionally using the Inbox Repair Tool.

    Manual Repair Of Damaged PST Files

    Here you might be thinking that language is a tool to repair your inbox and why MS Outlook offers this valuable tool. The Inbox Repair Tool will be a PST repair utility available to Outlook users by Microsoft without a tie-in. When you install Outlook ms, a special inbox repair tool (also known as scanpst.exe) will be installed on your computer. The PST Repair utility provided by Microsoft allows you to repair a corrupted PST file and helps you access your personalemail, notes, contacts, and more with your new Outlook profile.

    Depending on the version connected to MS and Windows Outlook, the location of the Inbox Repair program is different. What’s more, you definitely can’t see this free PST repair tool in the Programs menu of your Windows system; Therefore, the easiest way to find this tool is to use the built-in Windows search function.

    Fix PST File With SCANPST.EXE

    Step 1: Stop all Outlook services and navigate to ScanPST find.exe in one of the following paths.

  • Outlook 2019: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficerootOffice16
  • Outlook 2016: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficerootOffice16
  • Outlook 2013: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice15
  • Outlook 2010: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice14
  • Outlook for 36 months: C:Office ProgramsOffice7
  • Step (x86)microsoft 3: Select the PST file you want to restore.

    How do I open a .pst file in Windows 10?

    At the top of Outlook Broadband, select File.Choose Open & Export > Import/Export.Select “Import from an additional program or file”, then click “Next”.Select the Outlook data file (.Follow the path.If an Outlook data file (.

    Step 4: If errors are found with each scan, click Start at and select Fix. it will start fixing them one by one.

    Does The Restored Outlook Data File Have The Original Structure?

    cannot open pst file office 2010

    In the Outlook folder structure, you canYou won’t be able to see the restored home folder, which contains the standard Outlook folders, as well as the folder for lost and found files. Lost and Found is a file that contains folders and items that were restored using the ScanPST.exe tool, and Outlook cannot replace this original structure.

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